ViPSS for foreign languages

Foreign language better understood by GP’s

Our Valetudo interpres Practioner Support System (ViPSS) was developed to keep communication problems between doctor and patient to a minimum. Getting the right diagnosis is greatly improved. ViPSS has four modules, Translation, Assistance in making the right diagnosis, support the prescribed treatment method and provide the correct medication.

The database of ViPSS contains all the symptoms that lead to all the diseases listed in ICD-10 versions, described by the WHO (World Health Organization). The database has the correct method of treatment per disease including all prescription medication. These are medicines that should only be prescribed by a doctor and are only available in pharmacies but also non-prescription drugs are included in the database.
How does it work?
The patient submits unbiased and in his/her own native language the medical complaints and symptoms. As opposed to the current standard method in which a doctor ask questions to come to a diagnosis based on a hypothesis of what the patient might have. A patient cannot answer questions a Doctor might not ask. ViPSS translates the medical complaints and symptoms in the desired language of the physician.
Help with diagnosis
ViPSS compares all the answers provided by the patient with diseases and illnesses that are included in ICD-10 versions within our database. The doctor gets the examples of illnesses on his screen that most closely matches the symptoms entered by the patient. If there are several possibilities, as some diseases have similar symptoms, the doctor can see additional questions on his screen he/she should ask the patient in order to eliminate illnesses. ViPSS also advises the Doctor which symptoms could have possible links with old lifestyle related diseases and/or the use of alcohol, smoking or drug.
After diagnosis by the doctor, ViPSS gives the physician medication advice for the prescription (but only if there is a general agreement within the medical community). The content of our medical expert system is completely based on 'evidence'. This means that through a thorough literature research we strived for strong scientific based medical advice. In addition, the contents are also assessed by practicing physicians.
All prescription medicines and over the counter medicines that are included in the Medical Expert System come from the Dutch G standard. These drugs are available in pharmacies and chemists. Links with pharmacies can therefore be easily made.
The doctor remains responsible at all times for the correct diagnosis, but the patient is the best person to assist the physician to come to this correct diagnosis. For this the Medical Expert System is an effective tool, especially when an interpreter is not readily available. 
When you have a practice with many patients of various languages the Medical Expert System can be a valuable contribution to communication with these patients. But the Expert System is also an excellent solution when you strive to work more efficiently and or enhance your diagnosis method.
The diagnosis always remains the responsibility of the GP, but you can help the GP best. The GP Card for Foreign Languages and ViPSS is an effective tool since there is not always a translator available.

Do you have a surgery with a lot of patients who speak different languages? ViPSS and the GP Card for Foreign Languages can be a valuable tool for you and eliminate the language barrier. For more information contact us.